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Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters
64 Thompson Ave.
(Corner of Rte 36)
Leonardo, NJ 07737

Our Cafe

Coffee of the Day

Large 20 oz $2.50
Medium 16 oz $2.00

Every day we are happy to offer our house blend, a dark roast, an exotic single origin coffee as well as a daily decaf.

Espresso Bar

  Single Shot Double Shot
Espresso $2.00 $3.00

We serve traditional Northern Italian style Espresso; approximately one ounce of strong coffee with thick crema and a sweet finish.

  Medium Large
Espresso with foamed milk
$3.75 $4.25
Café Latte
Espresso with steamed milk
$3.75 $4.25
Café Au Lait
Coffee with steamed milk
$2.50 $3.00
Café Mocha
Espresso with a shot of chocolate, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream.
$4.75 $5.25
Café Macchiato
Double espresso topped with a small amount of steamed milk. Served in 4 0z. espresso cup.
Café Americano
Espresso and Hot Water
$3.00 $4.00
Jersey Shore Jolt
House coffee with a shot of espresso
$3.00 $3.75


Coffee Alternatives

Hot Tea $1.90
Iced Tea $2.25
Chai Latte (Hot) $3.75


  Medium Large
Hot Chocolate $3.75 $4.25
Steamed milk with a flavor shot
$2.50 $3.00


Fruit Smoothies (20 oz)
Strawberry, Banana, Blackberry, Strawberry/banana, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Coconut, Pina Colada


Iced Coffees

Iced Coffee (20 oz) $3.75
Iced Latte $4.25


Flavor shot add $.50
Espresso Shot add $1.00


Baked Goods Provided Daily courtesy of Flaky Tart Bakery

Biscotti $2.00
Cookies $1.00
Muffins $2.50
Raspberry Bars $3.00




All the above prices include NJ Sales Tax